Preparing for Trieste

It’s that time again: the 2010 ICTP school on wireless networking is rapidly approaching. I’m leaving in two days and won’t be back until the end of March!

This year we’re trying out the new curriculum that we’ve been developing over the last year. All of that will be available for free on WirelessU once the school is underway.

It really is astonishing how many things suddenly require attention when you’re about to leave the country for five weeks. Arrivederci, Seattle!

The road to the Metaverse

It has been a while since I checked in on the Metaverse scene. Tonight I downloaded Snowglobe (the open source viewer from Second Life, remember them?) and OpenSimulator (the still-alpha but apparently working mono-based server simulator). In about five minutes, I had my very own grid-ready simulator running on my local network. I became a god in my very own isolated box.

Now the real question: If I invite over some friends, and we make models in this world, can we click “print” and have the results come out of the Makerbot?

UPDATE: My mistake. The viewer you’re looking for is Meerkat. It lets you export all of your old juicy Second Life data, and re-import it into your new simulator. Virtual Sushi 2.0!

Gigantic resistors

I ordered some 1000 Megohm resistors today. They’ll be the basis for some new HV measuring tools. I’m finding that I could really use a high voltage voltmeter and oscilloscope lately. Using a gigohm resistor (just like we use for the quarter shrinker) I can make a voltage divider, which will let me use my regular bench tools for testing. It looks like these will be good through 40kV, which will let me measure the performance of the pole pig! The ultimate plan is to make a voltmeter with a nixie tube display.

Why does all of the best HV stuff come from Russia anyway?