Big SEM: online

I recently got Milly the big SEM online. She had a ton off issues that I’ll chronicle in future posts. But rather than dwell on her past, let’s see what she can do.

Remember that 2mm stainless screw?  Here it is again, with my finger for scale:


And here is the gap between two threads, up close and personal:

Extreme closeup!

Here are some more samples. We’ll look at the stuff on the right-hand strip for now:

Eight samples for Milly. We'll look at the ones on the right for now.

They are (from top to bottom):

  1. Pollen from a random tree (not sure of the species). Those pods contain the pollen; the actual pollen is too small to see in that shot.
  2. dandelion seed. The SEM photos are of the bushy head and a single fiber.
  3. Highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (which we’ll skip for now)
  4. Crystalline boron


pollen, x450

pollen, x1200



Dandelion seed head



Dandelion seed fiber







Crystalline boron







I’m still learning how to use Milly as a camera (so many variables!) but I’m really pleased with this first batch of shots.

Getting better contrast on organics will be a lot easier once I get the sputter coater online. There are a bunch more photos (including hematite and more) in the gallery.