Puss in Boots

August 30, 2015
Puss... in Boots.
Crouching tiger, hidden Walken. Hypnotic, isn’t it?

If you’ve never seen Christopher Walken in Puss in Boots, add it to your queue right now. That’s him as Puss, craftily stalking a bird for supper.

Spoiler alert: it’s among the more terrible children’s films of 1988. But every scene that Walken is on screen is comic GENIUS.

I made the gif directly from Amazon video. They don’t implement freeze frame, but hey, it’s a web player. Time to fire up the JavaScript console!

(To all the jQuery haters in the audience: no, you don’t need jQuery to do this. But since Amazon thoughtfully included it on the page, why not use it?)

Open a browser console. Click on the console prompt but hover over a video to show the video controls. Then run the following:

jQuery('.playIcon').click(); setTimeout(function() { jQuery('.pausedIcon').click() }, 30);

Each time you run it in the console, the video advances one frame. Grab a screen shot and away you go.