The road to the Metaverse

It has been a while since I checked in on the Metaverse scene. Tonight I downloaded Snowglobe (the open source viewer from Second Life, remember them?) and OpenSimulator (the still-alpha but apparently working mono-based server simulator). In about five minutes, I had my very own grid-ready simulator running on my local network. I became a god in my very own isolated box.

Now the real question: If I invite over some friends, and we make models in this world, can we click “print” and have the results come out of the Makerbot?

UPDATE: My mistake. The viewer you're looking for is Meerkat. It lets you export all of your old juicy Second Life data, and re-import it into your new simulator. Virtual Sushi 2.0!

The road to the Metaverse
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February 4, 2010
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