2017: Year in Review

Looks like I haven’t made a lot of time for blogging this year. I’ve been too busy taking photos with Milly!

Here are some of my favorites from the last twelve months.


A random bit of bumpy pollen.

Up close and personal with a bit of pollen. Kind of looks like a butt. Don't get too close.

Monster pollen (exploded in the vacuum of the sample chamber).

Lily pollen.


A 13 megapixel water bear. Click the image and zoom in!

100nm hairs on a single cell of a compound eye on a moth.

Moth "feathers".

A baby spider.

New year’s wish

For the next year, I wish you all an expanded sense of perspective.

Remember that no matter how difficult your troubles may seem, no matter what hardships you may face, there is a vast universe just beneath your perception with its own rules, structure, and language, weirder than any alien civilization in science fiction. It is what makes up the world, and it is utterly, refreshingly indifferent to the insignificance of human ego (just as we are largely ignorant of its existence).

Happy Tiny New Year!


2017: Year in Review
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December 27, 2017
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