I scored 15 bytecoins at Metrix CreateSpace yesterday. What are they worth?

Well, I’ll tell you what I paid for them. I traded a shrunken Susan B. Anthony dollar for a 10-byte note, and a shrunken quarter for a 5-byte note. That puts the direct exchange rate at about 10:1 (B:$). We agreed that since they were shrunken coins, it established a fair “proof of work”.

But it gets more complicated than that. The going eBay rate for a shrunken dollar is about $21 for a $1 Sacagawea. That puts the exchange rate at roughly 1:2 (B:shrunken $).

Money is complicated.

I think I’ll hang my bytecoins on the wall and watch them appreciate… That seems like the fiducially responsible thing to do.

Also: Happy 99th Birthday, Alan Turing!

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June 24, 2011
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